How do I order?
To place an order for samples, simply click on ‘Order samples’ via our website. To be able to order your own private label products you will need to first register as a clinic/business customer by clicking on ‘Order now’ and complete all of your labeling and packaging selections. Once registered you will be emailed a personalised login & label proof which will allow you full access to our ordering platform.

What is the minimum order I can purchase?
ACPHARM have a minimum order quantity of only 5 units per product. We do however allow a minimum order quantity of 1 unit for your first sample order.

What is included in the price of my Private label product?
We like to be able to provide a complete product to you. Included in the unit price for each item, you receive it labelled & packaged. You have 3 packaging options & 3 label layout options to choose from.

What is the RRP (recommended retail price) of the products?
The benefit of having a privately labelled product, means you can market the product however and to whomever you wish. We recommend a minimum of 100% markup on all products.

Can anyone order Private Label Products from ACPHARM QLD?
Yes, if you have knowledge in skincare products and the ingredients used in our products. Because our range is medical grade, adequate training and knowledge in skin care products is a requirement as we do not offer training.

How long will my order take to be ready?
Up to 100 units – 5-7 business days
100+ units – 7-14 business days
500+ units – 10-15 business days
1000+ units – 15-25 business days

If you are requiring delivery within Australia, please allow a further 2-3 business days. 

Can you recommend a company to design my labels or boxes?
Unfortunately not. As we cannot guarantee the service of external companies, we prefer not to give recommendations.  

What areas/cities/states/countries do you service?
Unfortunately we do not currently offer international
postage. You can still order our products however, the delivery and customs of
your order will need to be arranged by you.
We do not supply any paperwork
or certificates for international supply. 


We use Australia Post & Fastway/Aramex Couriers to ship out orders.

Under 100 units
Australia Post Express $30.00
Aramex/Fastway Couriers $20.00
to WA with Aus Post Express $30.00
To New Zealand $50.00

Over 100 units
Australia Post Express $70.00
Aramex/Fastway Couriers $50.00
to WA with Aus Post Express $80.00

Over 400 units
Express shipping with Aus Post/TNT = $100.00
To WA = $150.00


Can I sample products before I buy them?
Yes, we offer full size samples to you at our wholesale price for your first order. This enables enough product for you to effectively test and trial the product to its full ability. Our samples are not private labelled, however you can choose which packaging you wish to trial. They will come with our generic ACPHARM label on them.

Can I make slight changes to the formula of your products?
Unfortunately not. All of our formulas have been tried and tested for over 10 years, making changes to them can affect the stability and change many other factors. Our set formulas, is what allows us to be able to offer low minimum order quantities and cost effective pricing. 

Do you supply the products in bulk for me to package and label myself?
No, unfortunately we no longer offer this service. We do however offer the products in CLINIC SIZES for professional use.  

Do I need to have insurance for my products?
We carry our own product liability insurance for the products, however, as the products are sold/recommended by you and private labelled with your business details & logo, we would recommend obtaining your own liability insurance as well (this is not a legal requirement).

Can I return my product if I am unhappy?
If the product or packaging is faulty or not working as it should be, we will replace the product free of charge within 3 months of purchase. We usually request photographic evidence of the faulty product if the item can not be returned to us. Unfortunately we cannot replace or return due to change of mind or skin allergies. 

What is the safe lifespan of the products?
Our products contain minimal hazardous chemical additives that are bad for you and are used to prolong shelf life. However, our products still maintain for 6 months after opening and 12 months from date of manufacture. Manufacture dates can be found on the base of your bottle.

Is there a discount for bulk buying?
Yes there is if you purchase a bulk amount of one product.
50+ units = 15% discount
100+ units = 20% discount
500+ units = 35% discount

Are the products tested on animals?
Absolutely not! We are animal lovers here at ACPHARM and do not test or trial any products on animals.

Are the products paraben and sulphate free?
Our products have been tirelessly formulated and developed to ensure that both of these nasty additives are no longer used in any of our product ranges. We are proud to offer a product that is
*Paraben Free *Sulphate Free *No synthetic fragrances *No artificial colours  *Cruelty Free  *Australian Made  *VEGAN (selected products)

Can I organise a meeting to discuss setting up my range?
As we do not offer marketing materials or product training and all information in relation to setting up your own private label skincare range is available on our website, we do not offer meetings. If you have any questions that aren’t listed here, you’re welcome to email us at any time.

How can I contact ACPHARM QLD?

We are an online based busines and dont offer walk in meetings or phone support.
You can email us at any time for a quick response at

Our office is open for collections Monday-Thursday 8.00am-5.00pm & Friday 8.00am-12.00pm AEST